To schedule an Educational Workshop or Training Session, contact Helen at or 609-385-0833.

Q:  what topics do we offer?

We have several "presentation-ready" workshops on frequently requested topics. They are:

Q:  can we customize workshops?

Yes, we can. We can develop a workshop to meet an organization's specific needs.  In addition, our workshops are tailored for the particular type of audience.  For example, our training session for medical staff takes a different slant on the information presented than our session for compliance staff. 

Q:  are we experienced public speakers?

Yes, we are. Our attorneys have over a decade of combined experience with conducting educational workshops and trainings on various health care topics, including HIPAA, HITECH, HIE, Security Breach Rule requirements, various federal and state privacy laws, social media, and much, much more.  We have delivered workshops for groups as small as 2-3 individuals, and as large as a filled auditoriums.  For a sample list of past speaking engagements, click here.

Q:  are we any good?

We'd like to think so, at least based on what everybody else tells us. We consistently receive positive feedback about our approach and style of communicating information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.  "Excellent," "incredibly informative," and "extremely helpful" are phrases we are pleased to hear often at the end of our sessions.

Q:  can we travel to your location?


Q:  how long are the workshops?

Each workshop is offered as a 2-hour block. Multiple sessions on one topic or a day-long session on multiple topics can also be provided.  A 2-hour training block offers a general overview of a topic.  If more in-depth education is desired, a topic can be broken up into several subcategories, typically lasting 1.5-2 hours each.  As an example, for a deeper dive into HIE issues sessions can be broken up in to several subcategories, including formation & governance, contracts & insurance, privacy and consent, and HIE policies.

Q:  are the workshops legal advice?

No.  The workshops are not intended to offer specific legal advice. The purpose of the workshops is to provide educational information. An attorney-client relationship may only be established through a written engagement letter with our firm.  By offering educational workshops, we do not intend to solicit legal work in any manner that is prohibited under the laws and ethics rules of an applicable state or jurisdiction.

Q:  how much?

All workshops are offered at a flat fee, plus any applicable travel costs. A cost proposal can be provided once we know the scope of the workshop session(s) desired.  

For additional info or to schedule a Workshop, contact Helen at or 609-385-0833.