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Issues arising from health information exchange (HIE), privacy, security, breaches, consent, patient rights, and evolving regulatory standards, like Meaningful Use, can be complex, and sometimes blog posts just don't offer enough space for us to share with you all the things we know and have learned over the years. Our Whitepapers dive deeper into specific topics, and offer more thoughtful summaries of issues to consider.  We hope you enjoy reading about the following topics:

Additional Whitepapers are available:                             

  • "Proposed Amendments to Rules Governing Patients’ Access to CLIA Test Reports"
  • "HIOs as Business Associates under HIPAA, HITECH & State Law"
  • "Permissible Sharing of PHI Under an Opt-Out Model"
  • "Cyberinsurance and Health Information Exchange -- What Do You Need?"
  • "HIPAA and State Law Enforcement Implications for New Jersey Hospitals"